Today Exercise medicine and Nutrition medicine are highly sophisticated and developed medical specialties .Role of exercise , nutrition is being increasingly realized amongst medical scientists , medical practitioners , as well as general population. Nutrition medicine , Exercise medicine , Sports medicine , rehabilitation medicine and preventive medicine are a few of the medical specialties which use principles of exercise and nutrition . Their scope is rapidly expanding. In western countries , (esp. USA) specialty nutrition and exercise clinics are set up which give services to general population as well as sports persons.

Nutrition sciences and exercise sciences have two broad areas of application , firstly for prevention and control of certain diseases ( e.g. obesity , diabetes , knee osteoarthritis , certain heart diseases , hypertension) and second for improvement in sports performance . Internationally acclaimed organizations such as WHO ( World Health Organization) , ACSM (American college of Sports medicine ) , AHA(American Heart Association ) , NIN ( National Institute of Nutrition) are investing billions of dollars for research , training and development in these fields.

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